How to Integrate Brain View technology to Treat Personal Injury Patients


Michael Smith | Founder & CEO

dr. clay elswick | founder, elswick chiropractic & associates

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01:00 What lead you to choose chiropractic medicine?

03:30 What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced with your practice?

06:00 What helped you get to where you’re at now?

08:00 How did you grow your practice without getting overloaded?

12:40 Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

14:15 What are some of the key elements to running a successful practice?

15:41 How have you trained your providers to follow your standard of treatment?

18:40 If you could share one thing with new chiropractors what would it be?

20:30 What components of marketing are important for the chiropractic industry?

23:32 How do you determine a marketing budget for your practice?

Dr. Elswick's Success

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Dr. Adam Jacobs, SF Custom Chiropractic

Dr. Adam Jacobs from SF Custom Chiropractic has had his best month in years since getting his internet marketing right.

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